Mary Byrne tells us: Pick on someone your own size

Singer fronts new animals rights campaign

Singer Mary Byrne has swapped her microphone for activism - as she fronts a new animal rights campaign.

Holding her rescued mixed-breed dog Sheba she appears in a brand-new ARAN ad campaign that reads, "Only Cowards Abuse Animals".

The advert goes on to challenge the "bullies" who hurt dogs and cats and urges, "Please, always speak up if you see or suspect cruelty to animals, including chaining, fighting, or abuse of any kind. Their lives may depend on it".

"The animal is not going to curse at you, the animal does not want to fight you" Byrne says.

"They can't talk, they ain't got the strength you got to beat them. It's like beating on a baby, they are defenceless and cannot cry surrender".

"Just pick on somebody your own size and leave the animals alone" she added.

She now joins a growing list of Irish personalities and celebrities backing campaigns to fight animal abuse including, Anjelica Huston, Sharon Shannon, Jedward, Saoirse Ronan, Adele King, Linda Martin, Jim Corr and others.