Here's how much avocado toast equates to a house in Ireland

Crunching numbers and smashing avocados...

Those pesky millennials, eh?

When they're not too busy being offended by everything, they're gorging on luxury brunch foods, oblivious to the worsening property crisis on their doorstep (which they presumably don't own).

One property tycoon reckons this generation will never be able to afford their own homes, putting the blame squarely on how they choose to spend their disposable income.

With Irish house prices expected to increase by a further 10% in 2017 - how much avocado toast would a millennial have to give up to afford a home in Ireland?


The average house price

Daft's report on house prices from the first quarter of 2017 puts the average house price in Dublin city centre at €282,451.

If you're looking to buy in Cork, a house will set you back €257,005 in the city.

In Galway, the average asking price is €265,238.


Homemade avocado toast

Gurner told 60 Minutes that he's seen people spend upwards of $22 (€14) on avocado on five grain toast sprinkled with feta.

For the sake of fairness, we're looking at the cheapest product by supermarket.

SuperValu and Tesco stock individual avocados for 69c. The chains also laughed in the face of five grain, with Brennan's offering a loaf containing seven for €1.99 (roughly 13c a slice).

Own-brand feta cheese in Tesco costs €1.39 for 200g of product. This recipe suggests 80g of feta per serving, which is two and a half per pack. That's 55c per avocado toast.

In total, you're looking at a cost of €1.37 per DIY smashed avocado on toast.

If you're eating a slice every day for a year, your brunch will cost you €500.05 annually.

Image: Flickr


Eating out

In The Good Food Store on George's Street in Dublin, avocado toast will cost you €4.

Brother Hubbard, also based in Dublin, serve two kinds of avocado toast,

Their vegan avocado toast option - served with roasted red peppers, salsa, dukkah and beetroot powder, costs €10.50. Feta costs extra at €2.50.

If you're penny-pinching, you can also buy avocado toast without the beetroot, dukkah and peppers for €5.95.

The Liberty Grill in Cork serves avocado toast for €4.20. However, this comes without feta.

Ard Bia in Galway's avocado toast will set you back €8. Again, this comes without feta, as specified by Gurner.

Image: YourBestDigs via Flickr


So how much avocado will get me a gaff?


Rounding down the cost price down to €282,000, you would need to forego eating 205,839 slices of avocado toast at home.

Taking the lower price range of eating out at €4, the average house in Dublin city costs 70,500 slices. If you're eating at Brother Hubbard, it'll be 21,692 slices.


You're looking at giving up an estimated 187,600 homemade slices in total.

Eating out on the cheap, you can wave goodbye to 64,250 slices of the nutritional foodstuff if you want to live in the real capital. However, if you're going for the upper echelons, it's 19,769 slices.


Rounding down to €265,000, 193,430 DIY dishes will get you a plush pad. If you prefer eating out, you're looking at a loss of 66,250 slices for the cheap stuff. Pricier options like Brother Hubbard will rule out 20,384 slices.


How long?


If you save just the €500 a year for a house, having eliminated all amino acids from your diet, it'll take you 564 years to reach your total asking price in Dublin.


You'll be waiting 530 years.


The People's Republic looks to be the most achievable option, taking a mere 514 years to save.