Hackers demand bitcoin ransom for stolen Disney film

One of the studio's summer blockbusters could be set for an early release...

Disney is the latest corporation to be targeted by a high-profile hacking operation. A group is threatening to derail its summer blockbuster plans.

Speaking at a town hall meeting at ABC, one of Disney's TV networks, the group's CEO Bob Iger revealed that one of its coming releases has been stolen and that hackers are demanding a ransom from the company in bitcoins.

Deadline was later told that the film in question is Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - the fifth instalment in the swashbuckling franchise.

Mr Iger said that the corporation will not pay the group, which is threatening to post it online in segments ahead of its international release later in this month.

There has been talk of other attacks on Disney targeting Cars 3 and Star Wars: The Last Jedi - the studio has not commented on these reports. Disney is currently working with federal investigators.

The Johnny Depp-fronted Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise has grossed over $3.72bn at box offices around the world since 2003. The newest chapter is in Irish cinemas on May 26th.

This news comes weeks after a similar attack stole a rough cut of series five of Orange is the New Black from Netflix.

The streaming company refused to cooperate with the hacking group - they ultimately posted the episodes illegally on file-sharing platforms.