HIQA report finds one shower between 24 elderly residents

The watchdog has published 18 inspection reports

HIQA report finds one shower between 24 elderly residents

File photo | Julien Behal / PA Archive/Press Association Images

A report on facilities for older people has found only one shower between 24 residents in an Ennis care centre.

St Joseph's Hospital was one of 18 inspection reports published by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA).

It says evidence of good practice and compliance with regulations and standards was found in 15 centres.

This means residents’ needs were being met and the care was safe, in line with the standards and regulations.

However, three reports found evidence of non-compliance.

HIQA says: "In these three centres, residents’ needs were not always being met and non-compliances were identified by inspectors in areas including documentation, risk management, health and safety, premises, health and social care needs, and rights, dignity and consultation."

But it says St Joseph's Hospital - on Lifford Road in Ennis - had just one toilet area to share between 12 residents.

It also says in one area, the door to this toilet area was partially blocked by the position of a bed.

While some residents had no access to a toilet in their bedroom, and were required to use the toilets at the top of the hall.

The report found that on two of the six bedded units, the glass panels were opaque. However the other two were designed with clear glass panels.

HIQA says: "This impacted on residents' privacy and dignity.

"For example, one resident had thrown back the bed clothes exposing incontinence wear.

"This could be viewed from the corridor and by other residents in the room."

Management say a refurbishment programme is planned for a new 50 bedded building on site, and upgrading of existing units to a high standard.

It says funding has been provided through the capital plan 2016-2021 to ensure the works will be scheduled, undertaken and completed by the end 2021.

"The refurbishment will be to very high standard and meet all the needs of residents", it says.