Governments used to be elected on 'the economy, stupid'. That's not the case anymore

George Hook and Lucinda Creighton discussed terror, refugees and the future of the EU on High Noon today.

'I'd love to see it happen, but we don't have the facilities to cater for those sorts of numbers.'

CEO of Vulcan Consulting, and former MEP, Lucinda Creighton joined George on High Noon today to discuss our attitude to the refugee crisis, and how any mentions of Ireland taking 'thousands' of refugees aren't realistic, as the country just can't responsibly take care of them.

She also discussed the state of the EU, and how the Union should go about combating extremism.

Creighton's new job involves going around Europe working on various projects, giving advice on regulation, as well as matter of terrorism and wider EU politics.

'I don't think Wilders will win in the Netherlands, but there's a very real chance we could see Marine Le Pen as the next President of France'.

Both Creighton and George confessed that this would not be the best thing for Europe, but the reality is that personalities like Wilders and Le Pen are offering solutions to an issue that is high on the wider public's agenda.

George also made the point that while in years past Governments would've been elected or rejected on the strength of the economy, that's not the case any more, with the refugee crisis, as well as the seperate issue of terrorism, being more important issues to the voters.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking below.