Google makes pirate sites harder to find

It's trying to make illegal sports, TV and films more difficult to watch online...

Google makes pirate sites harder to find

Games of Thrones / Facebook

A new initiative will see Google and Microsoft push pirate sites down search results - making it harder to find illegal content.

Websites which are subject to repeat claims of copywrite infringement will be demoted in search results on both Google and Bing.

"Google has been an active partner for many years in the fight against piracy online. We remain committed to tackling this issue and look forward to further partnership with rights holders," a spokesperson from the search giant told

The two companies have signed up to a 'Voluntary Code of Practice' drafted by UK authorities.

The Motion Picture Association and the British Phonographic Industry have been lobbying for tech companies to take action to tackle online piracy.

The Grand Tour and Game of Thrones are among the post pirated TV shows

Illegal downloading and streaming sites will not be listed on the all-important first page of search results.

"Pirate sites deprive artists and rights holders of hard-earned income and I'm delighted to see industry-led solutions like this landmark agreement, which will be instrumental in driving change," Matt Hancock, the UK's minister for digital and culture commented.

This initiative will run alongside existing anti-piracy laws, as authorities struggle to keep up with file sharers.

"Successful and dynamic online innovation requires an ecosystem that works for everyone, users, technology companies, and artists and creators ... The code will not be a silver bullet fix, but it will mean that illegal sites are demoted more quickly from search results and that fans searching for music are more likely to find a fair site," Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI music industry body told the BBC.