Go Further Sessions: The Future of Marketing

The second in the series of free events seeks to explore the future of marketing

The Go Further Sessions at National College of Ireland continues on Wednesday 8th June. Now in its second year, the event organisers work with industry partners to explore trends and opportunities in the areas of technology, data, marketing and HR.

Held at the Dublin city-centre campus in the the IFSC, the marketing session will feature four speakers who will deliver insights and tips to attendees about how marketing is crucial to the success of any organisation. Those speakers are

Gerard O’Neill, Chairman of Amarach Research, Geoff Lyons, Group Marketing Director at Independent News & Media, Davin McCormick, Surf Accounts, Grand Prix Winner at the Bank of Ireland Irish Start Up Awards and Meadhbh Quinn, Head of Brand & Marketing, Virgin Media. 

Speaking ahead of the event, Meadhbh Quinn of Virgin Media explained what exactly marketing is and the function is serves within a business. 

“Creating, communicating and delivering on the brand for our customers, consumers generally and the wider community.”

Quinn’s session will tell the story of how UPC re-branded to Virgin Media.

So what makes for a good marketeer according to the Head of Brand Marketing at Virgin Media?

“Curiosity – an inquiring mind helps. Adaptable people who appreciate change and are comfortable with that change. Confidence and resilience; a lot of negotiations and influencing skills are required! The industry moves and pace and requires high energy levels.”

The event, which will run from 6pm – 8pm on Wednesday evening, is free to attend and is aimed at professionals seeking to progress in their education and career. 

Gerard O’Neill of Amárach Research will explain to attendees how to create value for both the business and customers through research. O’Neill says there is a big challenge facing marketers in business today

“There’s a crisis of confidence: marketers have lost control of the growth agenda. There is no shortage of talent, only a shortage of ambition.”

What can we expect hear from O’Neill?

“Seize the growth agenda in your business with the help of a friendly market research agency (ahem!)”

Identity is an issue which will be addressed by Davin McCormack of Relate Software & Surf Accounts. He gave us some insights into what he will be telling those in attendance 

“Decide who you are as a company, the archetypes you are going to follow and what you want to portray to your audience. Define that target audience, who they are, what they do on a daily basis, where they are located and what mediums they are likely to use. Following that, you can then build your marketing strategy around the customer NOT what YOU think would be best to reach you.”

Geoff Lyons, Group Marketing Director at Independent Media will also speak at the event,

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