Go Further Sessions: Ireland has an opportunity to get ahead of the curve in cybersecurity

With more tech firms coming to Ireland, and more of our personal data in 'the cloud' we need to future-proof now...

Go Further Sessions: Ireland has an opportunity to get ahead of the curve in cybersecurity

Paul Faith / PA

The Go Further Sessions have kicked off at National College of Ireland - now in its second year, the event organisers work with industry partners to explore trends and opportunities in the areas of technology, data, marketing and HR - and it is about to take on the murky work of online security.

As more and more of our daily lives and communication goes online cybersecurity is becoming a more important and more divisive issue. In the post-Snowden world, Ireland finds itself in the middle of an information highway between the US and the UK.

This issue is growing increasingly complex - John Mooney reports on crime for The Sunday Times and will take part in the NCI session. He says that the goalposts are always moving in online security:

"Internet security, or cybersecurity, is like the Wild West. It's mutating and changing as new problems emerge," he told Newstalk.

"Ireland ranks poorly in terms of online safety... the Irish government has done little or nothing to ensure the privacy of Irish citizens. It has not properly resourced the Garda's CCIU though it has promised to do so," he continued.

Owen Pendlebury - Manager focusing on Ethical Hacking at Deloitte Ireland says that the Government has a responsibility to educate the public about online risks, saying, "A common trend still appears to be that a lot of organisations are in the dark when it comes to securing their cyber assets."

As tech firms flock to Ireland, this is going to be a key part of the country's IT infrastructure, "A lot of global organisations are locating their European headquarters in Ireland, and that in turn has forced Ireland to up their game in terms of online safety which is very positive," Mr Pendlebury concludes.

Niamh Vianney Muldoon, Information Security Director with DocuSign EU highlights the focus of NCI session, she says that it is "to encourage all those seeking a career in Information Security discipline and/or specifically Cyber Security to take that leap as I summarise this by saying take your Information Security passion and make it happen."

She wants to "encouraging candidates" to enter this growing sector.

Pearse Ryan, partner at Arthur Cox Dublin and a cyber security specialist will also speak at the event - he says, "the Government is always being told it can and should do more. There is always more education the public can be provided with, but ultimately the public has to weigh up the risk versus reward of their personal data being available to numerous businesses and the extent to which they can be trusted to keep it safe.

"We have seen from numerous data breaches that a breach does not promptly cause customers (whether paying or not) to desert a business & customers seem to have a high tolerance for breach of their personal data," he continued.

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