Global Village - A New Years Eve Special

We have a very special show this New Years Eve from Wheatfield Prison.  


It’s our second show from Wheatfield place of detention this Saturday night we take a look at life on the inside.


The Red Cross plays a huge role in Wheatfield we hear about everything from HIV testing to the Weapons Amnesty Projects. Dr. Graham Betts-Symonds from the organisation and two prisoners from the prison Lee and John will talk about the programme and its success.   

We also chat to Brenda Fitzpatrick head teacher at Wheatfield Prison and her three students, Stanley, Louis and Freddie about what can be achieved through education in Wheatfield.  We chat about courses, goals and hopes for the future. 

Finally, we end our two part series chatting to Mr Patrick Kavanagh - Wheatfield Prison Governor of Operations about the independent living unit.  We also have Tony join in the conversation about what this unit means to him.

Join us on Saturday evening or why not join the conversation, we love to hear your thoughts @GlobalVillageNT