Gift guide: Make sure it's €100 well-spent

It's the thought that counts, right?

If you're going to shell out that bit more on your nearest and dearest, you don't want to end up being met with that forced-smile, disguised disappointment when the wrapping paper comes off December 25th. If you're still out of ideas but want to spend on something properly memorable, here a few ideas that could inspire...

Laser Star Projector

Turn their bedroom ceiling into an illuminated, moving night sky with this ingenious contraption. Capable of filling any decent sized room, the Laser Cosmos Laser Star is just one such projector currently on the market but is by far the most effective and reliable. Great for adults on a romantic evening or for helping the kids drift off to sleep, it provides quite the experience for £78.99 (€94.07) at Have a gander for yourself...

Kindle Touch eReader

If they're not rocking digital pages already, it's time to usher into the 21st Century, a world of instantly updating newspaper subscriptions and accidentally spending a small fortune on five recommended new books that you'll probably never read with just a few taps of your finger. Kindle remains the king of all eReaders and this €89.99 version from Curry's boasts a 6" e-paper touchscreen, 4GB of memory and impressive battery life of up to four weeks. With WiFi, the Kindle Store gives you access to over four million books at very reasonable prices.



Magazine subscription

Print still has its charms, of course, and a magazine subscription is by it's very nature the gift that keeps giving. There's a host of offers over as Eason's hovering under and below that €100 mark, so have a gander yourself and decide if it's VogueMuscle & Fitness or Top Gear that would suit them best. If you've a music fan in your life, you could keep it Irish and sign them up for the long-running fortnightly Hot Press. For €69.95 you get 22 issues delivered, access to the tablet version and the archives, as well as a DVD boxset of your choosing.

The iconic New Yorker is also an evergreen option, either in print or digitally, for the more literary minded. The real beauty if a magazine subscription is you can just nip down the newsagents, pick up the latest issue, wrap it, and say the subscription's on the way on Christmas Day. Then worry about making that last part happen in January!

Foosball Table

For the Joey or Chandler in your life, this is a foosball table with a difference. Made from 100% renewable raw materials, it's cardboard build means it can easily be disassembled to save space but when up and running it should offer the dimensions and sturdiness of your standard table to allow for a no-holds-barred game. No glue or screws required, it even boasts a score display, iPhone speaker and integrated drink holders. Yours for €89.90.


Eos Lamp

Another intriguing gift idea from the people over at, this Scandinavian-designed fluffy, versatile not only looks nifty, it can also be mounted on virtually any socket and is perfect for spots where you want a nice, cosy glow without any harsh glare. It's €99 and you should note that the actual light will have to be added – it's essentially a super cool shade.