Get off your mobile phone!

George Hook is starting a campaign on High Noon to get people 'Back To Basics'

'Put the bloody phone down, talk to the person next to you in the supermarket queue!'

Kicking off High Noon's 'Back to Basics' campaign, Dermot Kirwan of Friends of the Elderly, who has being going mad about this sort of stuff for a long time, joined George to ask us all to get our heads out of our phones.

"Never have we had so many communication channels open to us, and never have we been so alienated from each other.  DART carriages packed with rush hour commuters travelling, shoulder to shoulder in silence, are they going to the gulag?

Recent research in Denmark has also indicated that 20% of young people surveyed found that striking up a conversation with a stranger in a public place was as daunting as a visit to the dentist.

Friends of the Elderly have also created a poem, and would like public transport to start displaying it.  You can see the poem below.


A Poem for the Travelling Public

When traveling on the bus to town

Put down your phone and look around

Forget about your Facebook cronies

Who wants to be a mobile-phoney?

Now you're in a public place

Why not try a face-to-face?

It's not an easy thing to do

To greet the person next to you

But if you do and share a word

You both will be by grace preferred


You can listen to the full interview, and George's rendition of the poem, by clicking below.