George Hook meets Stefan Ahnhem, his new favourite crime writer

Anehem popped in to High Noon to talk about his life, career and new book 'The Ninth Grave'.

Stefan Ahnhem is a crime fiction writer, who is at the forefront of the new wave of Swedish crime writing.

He joined George on High Noon to discuss his book 'The Ninth Grave', but while they spent some time with that, George was fascinated by the fact he could barely string a sentence together when he was at school.

'We didn't know what dyslexic was back then' according to Ahnhem, who went on to detail his struggles with reading and writing as he grew up.

The two went on to discuss Ahnhem's career, the explosion of Swedish crime writing, as well as the brand new book, which you can get now from all good book outlets.

Listen to the full interview by clicking below.