George Hook: The #HomeSweetHome movement is a publicity stunt

The High Noon presenter does not believe the movement should be getting the credibility and discussion it is receiving

Today on High Noon, George Hook criticised the Home Sweet Home movement for being little more than a publicity stunt, and believes that it won't help solve the homelessness crisis.

The High Noon presenter wasn't impressed with Ryan Tubridy giving the movement air time, 'credibility', and a 'forum to discuss it', after seeing the issue addressed on the Late Late Show on Friday night.

A group of housing campaigners called ‘Home Sweet Home’ occupied empty office block Apollo House on Poolbeg Street in Dublin last week.  They moved a number of people into makeshift bedrooms there.

Co-founder of Home Sweet Home Brendan Ogle said the group had been “inundated” with offers of help from specialists, as well as members of the public.

Hear what George had to say at the start of High Noon today, by clicking below.