George Hook: "If I run into Ivan Yates, he'll find out who's a sap, because it'll be a slap"

Two outspoken Newstalk presenters don't see eye to eye on the subject of paying water charges...

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It seems there's some disagreement between two Newstalk presenters on the issue of water charges...

Water charges and Irish Water are very much back in the headlines today after the various political parties flagged water as a major issue in any talks over forming a new government.

Ivan Yates earlier suggested, "it's a no-brainer - if you got an Irish Water bill for households, do not pay it... the saps who paid it won't get a refund".

The remarks didn't sit easy with George Hook, who this evening responded quite strongly indeed to Ivan's comments.

"Who does Ivan Yates think he is calling people who paid the water charges saps?" George said.

"If I run into yer man Yates in the corridors of Newstalk, he'll find out who is a sap, because it will be a slap - and it will be a slap across his gizzard".

George also suggested "people who pay their lawful taxes levied by a lawful government are not saps".

You can listen back below:

Fianna Fáil says water charges will be key issue if it is to lend support to a government.

Sinn Féin has also begun its own talks with other TDs, saying the discussions would include water charges as a major issue.

However, Enda Kenny says it is a core Fine Gael policy to retain a single national water utility, and to charge an affordable amount for water charges.

In contrast, Minister Simon Coveney said Fine Gael would "certainly be willing to talk about water".

The Irish Times has reported that the estimated cost of abolishing Irish Water would be €7bn to this State.