Gender based violence in Malawi.


Gender equality is still a major issue in many countries around the world. 
In 2015 Malawi was named as the poorest country in the world according to GDP per capita. 
One of the major issues Malawi is dealing with is the issue of gender based violence. 
Domestic violence, child marriage, sexual violence, financial inequality, just some of 
the issues women in Malawi are facing today. 
But there are also people who are working tirelessly to change this, who are fighting the battle for women’s rights in Malawi to ensure that change can and will happen so that women in Malawi can one day have equal rights in their country. 
One of the groups which is leading the charge on this issue is the NGO ActionAid. 
Reporter Naomi Linehan travelled to Malawi to speak to some of the women experiencing these issues and to see firsthand, the work of ActionAid on the ground, in Malawi. 
And in studio Dil spoke with Siobhan McGee the CEO of ActionAid Ireland.