Gardaí say they’ve saved at least 30 lives from 'imminent threats'

Garda management says the force is making progress in tackling organised crime

Gardaí say they’ve saved at least 30 lives from 'imminent threats'

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Gardaí say they have foiled at least 30 attempts to kill - where the threat to life was imminent - over the last 18 months.

So far this year, 60 new detective sergeants are working in Special Crime Operations – which includes areas like cybercrime, child exploitation and organised crime.

According to Garda management, the reopening of Templemore training college has had a tangible impact on their capacity to fight crime.

At least 30 lives have been saved from 'imminent threats' since the Regency Hotel shooting in February 2016.

Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll says it’s often a lot more serious than simply warning people that their lives are in danger.

He explained: "In many of those circumstances, the intervention has involved discovering people who are so ready to implement the actions that they intend - in terms of murdering - that they have guns [or] weapons in hands, and they are dressed for the occasion in balaclavas."

Assistant Commissioner O'Driscoll acknowledged that organised crime remains a significant threat, but said they’re making progress - including the seizure of €100 million in drugs this year alone.

He also noted the amount of recent weapon seizures: "Three assault rifles, two submachine guns, six semi-automatic pistols, 10 revolvers and two shotguns are among the weapons that the Drugs & Organised Crime Bureau have been involved in taking off the streets and taking out of the hands of organised crime gangs."