General election campaign heads in One Direction, with Twitter spat

It seems some politicians are involved in the 'BringBackZayn' campaign

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Image via @LCreighton on Twitter

Political parties are arguing over an unusual topic today - One Direction.

It comes after the latest Labour attack ad featured a picture of the band with the caption 'No Direction'.

The heads of Paul Murphy, Gerry Adams, Shane Ross, Micheal Martin and Lucinda Creighton are photoshopped in.

Ms Creighton tweeted that it shows Labour are out of touch, as there are only four members of the band since Zayn Malik left.

The official Labour Party Twitter account replied that it is obvious Lucinda is the Zayn of the group, claiming she would "be the first to leave".

While Labour Minister Kevin Humphreys tweeted that there would always be five members of One Direction, with the hashtag 'Bring Back Zayn'.

Speaking in Wexford, Micheál Martin claimed that Labour's election campaign is in disarray.

The Fianna Fáil leader said his daughter is very upset at the ad "because she doesn't like anyone [making fun of] One Direction", and suggested that Labour's campaign is a mess: