Friday Download: Fed up paying huge money for your phone bill? There’s an app for that

Here's three apps that’ll make your smartphone even smarter!


I’m sure many of us have opened our phone bills and gasped in horror; I know I have. KillBiller is an Irish app that does the calculations for you and compares every mobile plan on the market. All of the information required is stored in your records. It’s quick, simple, and clear. You open the app, run it and it’ll show you what plan you should be on, based on your usage. Best of all; it shows you how much you could save!


This is another Irish app worth having on your phone. It’s a map-based app that allows you to find out what is going on around you, in real-time. Users can find out what's happening on a particular street or favourite spot in the city. It’s also possible to view what's happening across the globe by simply navigating to the place of interest.


You may have heard of Hailo at this stage, but if you don’t have it on your phone then you are missing out. This is one of my essential apps. It means I can get a taxi at any stage, even if I don’t have cash on me. It’s incredibly easy to use; turn on your location and hit “pick me up”. Simple!