For sale: 33 million Twitter passwords on the Dark Web

You should change your own immediately...

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This file photo shows a Twitter app on an iPhone screen in New York | Image: Richard Drew / AP/Press Association Images

A Russian hacker has obtained the usernames and passwords of approximately 33 million Twitter users and is now trying to sell the information on the Dark Web.

Whilst Twitter has denied that its own security measured have been breached, it is checking to see if accounts have been compromised by other password leaks.

Both Myspace and LinkedIn have both been compromised recently, and hackers could have checked Twitter usernames against email and password combinations for those sites on the basis that many people reuse passwords.

The details that hackers reportedly got their hands on back in 2011 make up one-tenth of the social networking service's user base - people with accounts are being advised to change their password right now as a precaution.

A number of celebrity accounts have been successfully hacked in recent weeks.

The takeover of Tenacious D's account resulted in a Jack Black death hoax, whilst offensive messages were tweeted from the accounts of artists such as Keith Richards, Lana Del Rey, George Harrison and Tame Impala.

Hacking group Our Mine even snuck into Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts on Sunday, revealing his password of choice was the extremely elementary "dadada".