Fine Gael MEP: 'All Irish mobile providers should abolish roaming charges this summer'

Legislation will arrive in 2017 that will get rid of the charges

All Irish mobile providers should abolish roaming charges by this Summer according to Fine Gael MEP for Dublin, Brian Hayes.

Under new EU law, mobile providers will have to get rid of roaming charges by Summer 2017.

EIR have already confirmed that they will abolish their roaming charges in time for this Summer.

MEP Hayes says that they're being abolished anyway so it's time for the providers - who have profited hugely - to take the first step: "They should get ahead of the legislation. They should say to their customers, who they've been fleecing for the last five and ten years because of excessive roaming charges, that it's time to change. And I think they should, a full twelve months in advance of the legislation kicking in, abolish roaming charges."