Finding Home: Documentary On Newstalk

Listen to the personal stories of the men and women experiencing homeless in Dublin today. 

Finding Home: Documentary On Newstalk

Finding Home: Documentary On Newstalk

“Home is a chance to get back on your feet and live a normal life. It’s better than a doorway, isn’t it?”

The latest from the Documentary On Newstalk series, ‘Finding Home’- tells the stories of the men and women behind the headlines and ever growing figures of the homeless crisis in Dublin today. 

'Finding Home’ was broadcast on Saturday 30th September at 10pm on Newstalk 106-108fm

There are many different faces of homelessness- rough sleeping on Dublin's streets, recovering from an alcohol detox in Usher's Quay, finding your feet in a temporary accommodation hostel, living in a B&B with your two kids...'Finding Home' brings you on the journey of what it means to be homeless in Dublin today, through the raw, firsthand accounts of the people living those realities today.

Rachael Ryan- producer and presenter on Spin 1038- is also a part time volunteer with the Dublin Simon community. She has worked on the Monday night soup run for five years now- providing food, clothing and a point of contact for rough sleepers in Dublin city. The people she has met on the streets and the amazing stories they have told her, are what inspired the documentary 'Finding Home'.

Among the people Rachael meets in ‘Finding Home’ are Leanna who is 25 and has spent her whole life in state care; she now sleeps between a tent and emergency hostels in the city. Simon has been living on the streets for four years after spending time in jail- he sleeps in a doorway where he is subject to abuse from the public, including being urinated on. Thomas Kiernan Dunne or ‘Tommy KD’ has been in a temporary hostel for a number of months, spotted busking on the street led to him making a rap album and even appearing in Love/Hate- however his real desire is to have a place to call his own.

These powerful, raw stories personalise the homeless experience in Dublin and through the services of Dublin Simon; capture the realities and challenges facing those without a home in the city.


'Finding Home’ was broadcast on Saturday 30th September at 10pm on Newstalk 106-108fm

BROADCAST DETAILS: Finding Home was originally broadcast on Spin 1038 and is part of the Autumn Season of Documentary on Newstalk.

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CREDITS: Finding Home was produced and presented by Rachael Ryan. Sound editing by Lochlainn Harte.

The project was supported by a grant from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, as part of the Sound and Vision Scheme.