Facebook users be warned: Scammers at work

Some users have had their profile pictures and statuses copied

In what can be considered both creepy and comforting, I recently discovered the value of Facebook's anti-fraud software.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine received the following "Support message" from Facebook. This notification informed my friend that someone was attempting to use her information. This included her a past profile image, but under another name. 

This false profile had taken a number of images from my friend's account, including many of her old profile photos. 

Selecting the response below led to the false profile being deleted in less than an hour. I spoke to Facebook after this incident and they confirmed that the false account had been "disabled for impersonation".


While the frequency of these such incidences is rather low, it's still worth taking some time to ensure your profile is as secure as possible. Facebook has made it easier than ever before to manage and up the privacy for individual accounts. 

Here's some tips on how to prevent Facebook from sharing your info with other companies.