Evening top 5: Water committee pass final draft report; public holiday proposed for bar workers on Good Friday

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Fianna Fáil's insisting water charges are gone, after a deal was done for a final report from the Oireachtas water committee.

It was backed by 13 votes to seven - with right2water, the greens and labour opposing it.

The report recommends charges are kept for those using excessive amounts of water, while meters will be installed in all new builds.


The Workers’ Party has proposed a new public holiday to compensate bar and off licence workers for the proposed end to the Good Friday alcohol ban. 

Councillor Éilis Ryan (Workers’ Party) said that while the Party welcomed any expansion of secularism in Ireland, the impact of a lifting of the Good Friday ban could be negative for workers in bars and off licences.

“The Workers' Party wants a truly secular republic, and this includes getting rid of the historic influence of the catholic church on our licensing laws. However, we must ensure that this does not lead to lower holiday entitlements for workers," she said.


A woman in Spain who became a controversial figure in February after giving birth to twins at the age of 64 has lost custody of her children.

Mauricia Íbañez was forced to give up her son Gabriel and daughter Maria de la Cruz to social services after social workers in Burgos in the north of Spain found “signs they could be at risk.”

Íbañez, a retired civil servant who served for decades in Spain’s foreign ministry, is also a mother to a six-year-old daughter, though Blanca was taken into care three years ago and now lives with family in Canada.


For many, the fact that flights are regularly overbooked might come as a surprise - but it is indeed a relatively common occurrence, even if it very rarely leads to scenes as dramatic as the ones seen in Chicago.

Fintan Ryan, aviation expert and former Aer Lingus captain, spoke to Newstalk Breakfast about the incident in the US and also his own experience of overbooking.

"Overbooking happens all the time," he explained. "On a Boeing 747, for instance, which had around 400 seats... you could expect that around 50 people wouldn't show up.

"The statistics are such that you overbook by different amounts on different flights. For instance, in a [Dublin to London] flight you might overbook by quite a bit because there's another flight behind. Normally somebody would say 'OK, that's fine, give me €100 and I'll go on a flight an hour behind'."


Doctors can withdraw life support from sick baby Charlie Gard against his parents' wishes, a High Court judge has ruled.

The eight-month-old's parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, had argued to be allowed to take him to a hospital in the US for a trial treatment.

But doctors said the boy, who suffers from mitochondrial disease that causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage, should be moved to a palliative care regime.