Evening top 5: Tunisia attack inquest returns unlawful killing verdict; PTSB moves forward with sale; "Hell on earth" in Syria

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Inquest into Tunisia terror attack returns verdict of unlawful killing

The jurors in the inquest into the death of three Irish people in the Tunisia terror attack have returned a verdict of unlawful killings.

They have recommended that the Department of Foreign Affairs promote its app more, so people are aware of the risks when they travel.

Following the verdict, the solicitor for the families of the three Irish people said there are no words to express their pain, sadness and anger:

The inquest which got underway this morning has heard about the panic and chaos at the Imperial Marhaba Hotel on the day of this terrorist attack in June 2015.

McDonald: British Government has ‘no viable plan’ to restore power-sharing

The Sinn Féin President has accused the British Government of having ‘no viable plan’ for the restoration of power-sharing in the North.

British Prime Minister Theresa May met with the leaders of Sinn Féin and the DUP in London this evening.

It comes after talks aimed at restoring the Stormont Executive collapsed again last week.

It has now been over 13 months since the Executive collapsed over the DUP’s handling of a botched renewable energy scheme.

"Hell on earth" Humanitarian agencies call for immediate ceasefire in Syria’s eastern Ghouta

The United Nations has called for an end to the "hell on earth" violence in Syria after hundreds of civilians were killed in eastern Ghouta.

Residents in the rebel-held area outside Damascus say they are waiting for their "turn to die" after more than 290 people including dozens of children were killed since Sunday.

UN secretary general Antonio Guterres said the Syrian government's bombing campaign had turned the region into "hell on earth" for civilians.

"My appeal to all those involved is for an immediate suspension of all war activities in eastern Ghouta allowing for humanitarian aid to reach all those in need," he said.

Supreme Court: State lawyers argue full constitutional rights only apply after birth

Counsel for the State have argued in the Supreme Court that a person is not entitled to full protection under the constitution until they are born.

The State is appealing a High Court decision which said the constitution contains more than just the right to life for the unborn child.

The State's argument is that you don't get your constitutional rights as a person until you are born.

Before that the unborn only have the right to life, as set out in the 8th amendment.

Donohoe "deeply aware" of homeowner fears as PTSB mortgage sale moves forward

The Minister for Finance has said he is “deeply aware” of the worry and concern surrounding the sale of thousands of Irish mortgages by Permanent TSB.

Yesterday the bank confirmed it was pressing ahead with the sale of around 18,000 distressed loans valued at €3.7bn.

The bank also revealed that the majority of the loans belong to private homeowners.

It claimed that many of these homeowners have not engaged with the bank – however it admitted the sell-off also included some homeowners who have come to restructuring agreements with the bank.