Evening top 5: Trump wins presidential election; 7 killed in London tram accident

The main stories on Wednesday

Donald Trump took to the stage in New York with members of his campaign team to give a victory speech after being declared the 45th President of the United States.

Introducing the President-elect, his running mate Mike Pence said "I'm deeply grateful to the American people for placing their confidence in this team, and giving us the opportunity to serve. His leadership and vision will make America great again."

Taking to the stage, Trump opened by saying: "Sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business."


Following a tram overturning in south London this morning, it's being reported that seven people have died as result.

British Transport Police confirmed the deaths as well as the arrest of the driver of the tram today. At least 50 people are believed to have been injured.

Initial reports said 40 people had been injured, with five more trapped inside the tram. 


The Berlin Wall fell 27 years ago today - a day when a wall may have determined who people voted for in this year's presidential election.

In 1961, GDR head of state Walter Ulbricht in East Berlin said: "Nobody has the intention of building a wall." 

More than twenty years later, Reagan was pursuing a simple Cold War strategy ("We win, they lose"), urging the Soviet Union’s Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down” the Berlin Wall in June 1987.”


I walked on site this morning and took some time to soak up the brilliance of Web Summit. While there's no shortage of tech conferences in glamorous locations around the world, Web Summit is something different. The move to Lisbon has helped the conference reach its full potential.

The startups have more space this year to show off their companies.

There is space to stop and chat. There is room to move outside and grab a coffee. There's strong wifi.


The Taoiseach has come in for criticism for offering US president-elect Donald Trump his congratulations “on behalf of the people of Ireland.”

Enda Kenny said he is now willing to work with Donald Trump - after previously labelling the businessman’s comments on immigration, “racist and dangerous.”

Mr Kenny has sent the future US President a letter congratulating him on his victory this morning.