Evening top 5: Trump orders wire tapping probe; Citizen’s Assembly hears from advocacy groups; Parkinson’s app founder wins Best Young Entrepreneur

The top stories this Sunday evening...

Trump asks Congress to probe whether Obama tapped his phones

Donald Trump has asked Congress to examine whether Barack Obama ordered the tapping of his phones during the election campaign.

The White House request comes a day after the US President accused his predecessor of ordering a wiretap of the phones at Trump Tower - his New York residence and campaign headquarters - the month before the country went to the polls.

The statement regarding the news that President Trump was requesting an examination into "whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016" was released by Press Secretary Sean Spicer.


People Before Profit calls for full apology from Bon Secours to Tuam victims

In a statement released this afternoon, People Before Profit have called for the Bon Secours sisters to make a full and unreserved apology to the victims of Tuam.

They have also called for them to open up all their files on the Mother and Baby Homes for public scrutiny. 

Bríd Smith from the People Before People Profit Alliance said "The case of the Tuam babies is one of the most sickening and disturbing stories of our time.


Citizens Assembly hears from advocacy groups

The Citizens Assembly is continuing to hear opposing views on the issue of abortion today, with 17 advocacy and representative groups are outlining their opinions.

The presentations are part of this weekend's extended discussions on the issue of the Eighth Amendment and the constitutional restrictions on abortion.

The group of 99 citizens is due to make a recommendation to the Oireachtas next month on the future of Ireland's abortion law, and this weekend will be the last occasion for the members of the assembly to discuss as a group the issues that have been raised in previous sessions. 


Two gardaí and one man injured in Cork collision

A man and two male gardaí members were taken to hospital last night following a collision on Commons Road, Cork.

The crash happened around 9pm last night, when the two gardai were in a collision with another car. The driver of the other car was alone at the time of the collision.

All three men were taken to Cork University Hospital and recieved treatment for their injuries, which have been described as minor.


Parkinson’s treatment app founder named Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur

The founder of an app to help people with Parkinson's Disease has been crowned Ireland's best young entrepreneur.

26 year old Physiotherapist Ciara Clancy, developed Beats Medical which emits a beat or soundwave from your smartphone to help control movement and speech.

She will now receive a €45,000 investment through the Local Enterprise Offices to help develop her company further.