Evening top 5: Terror Probe launched following Paris shooting; Census highlights housing shortage

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Terror probe launched following police shooting in Paris

A police officer has been killed and two others are seriously injured after a shooting in one of the most popular areas of Paris.

The gunman is believed to have deliberately targeted the officers and was known to security services.

He was then shot dead and an anti-terror investigation is under way into the attack in the heart of the French capital.

Islamic State has said it was behind the shooting and named the attacker, suggesting he was a Belgian.

Sisters of Charity will see no financial gain from Maternity Hospital - Harris

Health Minister Simon Harris says the Sisters of Charity will receive no financial gain from the new National Maternity Hospital.

There have been protests and objections to putting the new facility into the ownership of the religious order.

The Sisters of Charity were party to a €128m redress scheme with the State in 2002 for child abuse, which took place at its industrial schools.

Census 2016 highlights extent of Ireland's housing shortage

Just 8,800 properties overall have been added to Ireland's housing stock over the past five years, according to Census 2016 figures.

This contrasts starkly with the more than 225,000 extra homes that were built between 2006 and 2011.

It also runs contrary to the Government's Action Plan For Housing report claims that roughly 15,000 houses were built last year and 13,000 in 2015. 

Stormont talks deadline to be further extended to June

The deadline on power-sharing talks in Northern Ireland is set to be extended to the end of June, according to reports.

The Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan and Secretary of State James Brokenshire are attending talks in Belfast.

Mr Brokenshire is due to make a statement on the situation in the House of Commons next week.

The deadline for the formation of a new executive was previously extended until May.

Secondary teachers reject motion to hold strike action

The threat of secondary school closures next month has been averted, after teachers voted against taking more strike action.

ASTI delegates spent the day considering a series of one-day stoppages in protest over pay levels for new entrants.

The motion was defeated following a day-long debate on Thursday afternoon.

However, delegates have voted to withdraw from classroom substitution duties from September.