Evening top 5: Sinn Féin overtake Fine Gael in poll; Archbishop of Tuam calls for scrutiny of society

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Sinn Féin's overtaken Fine Gael and is now the second most popular party in the country according to a new poll to be published tomorrow.

The Behaviour and Attitudes Survey for tomorrow's Sunday Times shows a significant fall in support for Fianna Fáil, but they retain a significant lead.

This poll was conducted over nine days up to March 8th and has a margin of error of 3.3%.

Fianna Fáil loses four points to 28%, remaining the most popular party in the country.


The Archbishop of Tuam says he would like the inquiry into the revelations at Tuam to examine all aspects of life at the time and not just the sisters who ran the institution.

Speaking at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Tuam this evening, Dr Michael Neary said there was understandable anger about what had happened, but he said the the inquiry should allow the truth to surface in a 'clear and objective manner'.


A man carrying a backpack has been arrested after breaching security at the White House.

The incident occurred just before midnight on Friday while President Donald Trump was inside.

The intruder, named as Jonathan Tran, was spotted by a Secret Service agent by the south side of the executive residence, according to an official quoted by CNN.

The president, who is spending the weekend in Washington, was alerted late on Friday.

Officials say he was not in danger, although the White House was reportedly placed on an "orange" alert - one of the highest security levels used by the Secret Service.


The host of the Late Late Show expressed his gratitude to the audience on Friday night, after they gave a standing ovation to Tuam historian Catherine Corless.

Ryan Tubridy said: "I don't think I've ever seen something like that happen in a spontaneous way on this programme".

Ms Corless' extensive research and persistence brought the fate of the Tuam babies to light.

The mother and baby home in Tuam operated between 1925 and 1961, and it is believed several hundred children could be buried at the site in Galway.

Speaking on Friday night, Ms Corless talked about why she was so determined to get to the truth and persevered.


In October 2016, camogie player Michelle Herbert was involved in a terrifying moment on the field of play.

In the midst of action for her club Newcastle West against Tournafulla in the Limerick junior county final, Herbert collapsed.

But thanks to the quick thinking of opposition players, team-mates and the availability of a defibrillator, she survived.

Five months on, she joined Newstalk's Off The Bench presenter Cliona Foley to talk about what happened and how her life was saved.