Evening top 5: Possible North Korea link to cyber attack; the 'baptism barrier'; and Rubberbandits

The top stories this Monday night...

Firms investigating possible North Korea link to global cyber attack

Two internet security firms are suggesting North Korea could be behind a global cyber attack.

Symantec and Kaspersky say they think the 'WannaCry' ransomware originated from the Lazarus group.

It has been responsible for other cyber crimes - including one targeting Sony Pictures in 2014 and an attack last year on a Bangladesh bank.

New bill takes aim at schools "baptism barrier"

Details of a new bill aimed at tackling the “baptism barrier” in Irish schools are being announced today.

The Solidarity party has launched its Equal Participation in Schools Bill – claiming it would stop discrimination on religious grounds and make the curriculum more “objective and pluralistic.”

Ahead of the launch, Solidarity TD Ruth Coppinger described the current situation - where oversubscribed schools can refuse to accept students if they are not baptised - as a form of "apartheid."

Rubberbandits favourites to front Ireland's 2018 Eurovision bid

Ireland has tried everything to make it to the Eurovision Grand Final in recent years.

We sent Dustin the Turkey, Jedward and most recently a Galway man in a hot-air balloon.

Alas, Brendan Murray failed to qualify in Kiev last week.

Roger Federer to skip 2017 French Open

Eighteen time Grand Slam winner and Australian Open tennis champion Roger Federer says he will not play in this month's French Open.

The 35 year old says he is skipping the clay court season in order to be more competitive for tournaments on grass and hard courts later this summer.

Only one of his 18 major titles has come at Roland Garros, when he beat Robert Soderling in the 2009 final.

How to protect your business from future ransomware attacks

You may not have been impacted by WannaCry, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about ransomware attacks and other cyber crimes in the future.

Ransomware is dangerous for businesses of all sizes as those behind the attacks can and will delete all documents stored on the device if the ransom is not paid.