Evening top 5: New terms of 'Grace inquiry' to be debated; boy dies after Dublin fire

The top stories this Wednesday evening ...

The Cabinet has agreed to revise the terms of reference for the so-called 'Grace' inquiry.

It's after opposition parties insisted that what they were being asked to approve would see other alleged victims in the South East foster home overlooked.

The new terms of reference will go before the Dáil tomorrow to allow for the inquiry to get underway immediately.


A woman in her 30s remains in hospital following an apartment fire in Dublin.

A 27 year-old woman and three children died in the blaze - a 4 year-old boy and two girls aged 3 and 2.

Candles have been lit at the scene of the fire, an apartment in Clondalkin.


International Women's Day was marked around the country by protests and 'social strikes' over abortion provision in Ireland.

'Strike4Repeal' urged women to wear black to work and organise lunchtime walkouts.

Large crowds gathered to demonstrate at O'Connell Bridge in Dublin city centre, with Gardaí earlier this afternoon saying the bridge was 'impassable'.


Five food businesses were closed for breaches of food safety legislation in February, according to the Food Safety Authority (FSAI).

The closures were issued in Dublin, Limerick, Louth and Tipperary.

Among the businesses closed were a Mexican restaurant and a pizza take away.


Tony Bellew has described David Haye as a "scumbag" and says the former heavyweight champion meant the offensive statments he made ahead of their heavyweight bout last weekend, where Bellew stole an unlikely victory.

Haye drew criticism following a pre-match press conference in Liverpool when he referred to the crowd in Bellew's hometown as 'retards.' Newstalk's Kevin Kilbane was among those who later condemned his comments.

He also threatened to "smash" Bellew's head.