Evening top 5: May calls UK election; summer weather and recognising a data breach

The top stories this Tuesday night

Theresa May calls for general election in UK

British Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a general election in the UK.

The vote will take place on June 8th if approved by the parliament there.

Mrs May made the call as the Brexit process gets underway, saying: "At this moment of enormous national significance, they should be unity in Westminster, but instead there is division."

Scientists explain why dogs look so guilty after doing something wrong

For dog lovers of the world, one of the most popular memes to have sprouted online is the act of dog shaming - whereby guilty-looking pooches confront their behavioural shortcomings for comic effect.

It usually means sitting in abject misery beside the crumby remains of a scoffed birthday cake or the shrapnel left over from a chewed on book. And front and centre of the culpable stare lie a pair of big, brown eyes that look pretty pitiable.

Summer is coming for the next few days

There is to be a stark contrast in temperatures across Europe this week, with a jet stream bringing warmer air to Ireland.

It will see a clear boundary between warmer air - over Ireland and parts of Scotland - and colder air for the rest of the UK, France and Germany.

Temperatures are set to be 5 to 10° Celsius above average for this time of year.

Daithi Regan lashes out at Davy Fitz's "stupid" actions against Tipp

Former Offaly All Ireland winner Daithi Regan feels Davy Fitzgerald let Wexford down with his actions in the Allianz Hurling League semi final against Tipperary.

The Wexford manager could face a potentially hefty ban after entering the field of play and was then involved in a confrontation with opposition players in heated scenes.

"I think he's let Wexford down to be honest with you," said Regan on Off The Ball.

Find out if your online accounts have been impacted by a security breach

Have you ever read a news report about a data-breach and wondered if any of your accounts were impacted?

People rarely worry about issues like this until they have been affected.

A Microsoft employee named Troy Hunt has built a website that will tell you if your online account has been impacted by a data breach.