Evening top 5: Legal fallout from Cervical Check scandal; Cambridge Analytica closes; and Starbucks men settle case

The top stories this Wednesday night

Dept of Health: Ten cases similar to Vicky Phelan's are before the courts

There are 10 other active legal cases similar to Vicky Phelan's on the records of the State Claims Agency.

An Oireachtas Committee has been questioning officials from the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health over the Cervical Check scandal.

Earlier, the head of the HSE Tony O'Brien said the Cervical Check scandal was "a personal blow" to him.

Data firm Cambridge Analytica to cease all operations

Cambridge Analytica, the firm at the centre of a massive data breach scandal, is to begin insolvency proceedings in the UK.

The firm says it has filed applications to commence the proceedings and is "immediately ceasing all operations".

While parallel bankruptcy proceedings will also begin soon on behalf of Cambridge Analytica in United States Bankruptcy Court.

More than 80 jobs lost as Coca-Cola shuts centre in Co Kildare

Drinks-maker Coca-Cola has announced 82 jobs are to be lost at its concentrate manufacturing centre in Co Kildare.

The company says it is transfering production from Athy following a review of concentrate manufacturing.

The operation is to be moved to a facility at Ballina Beverages in Co Mayo.

Men arrested in Philadelphia Starbucks settle case against city and company

Starbucks has confirmed it has reached a settlement agreement with two black men who were arrested at an outlet in Philadelphia.

They were detained last month as they waited for a friend at a branch in Philadelphia.

The men were asked to leave, before being arrested for 'trespassing'. No charges were filed against the pair.

Lost in translation: Emmanuel Macron thanks Australian PM's 'delicious' wife

It appears to be a case of 'lost in translation' after the French president referred to the Australian prime minister's wife as "delicious".

While wrapping up a joint news conference at Kirribilli House in Sydney, Emmanuel Macron thanked Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy.

Turning to Mr Turnbull, the French leader said: "I wanted to thank you and your delicious wife for your warm welcome - it was the perfect organisation of this trip... thank you very much Mr Prime Minister."