Evening top 5: GRA reject deal; Irish research team makes cancer breakthrough; US election getting close

The big stories on this Bank holiday Monday

There are reports that the GRA has rejected the latest deal aimed at averting this Friday's threatened Garda strike.

Members of the GRA Central Executive Committee have spent much of the night in talks, after travelling to Dublin from all over the country to consider proposals put forward by the Justice Department

The plan for a €4,000 allowance to be restored to officers, as well as additional pay for time spent briefing colleagues before the start of a new shift.

Irish scientists may have found a way of treating one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Breast-Predict, a research group based at St. Vincent's Hospital and University College Dublin, hopes that the drug APR-246 can prevent the growth of triple-negative breast cancer cells.

If successful at clinical trials, the drug could treat a particular form of breast cancer which has previously proved resistant to non-toxic treatment methods.


The FBI's director has been warned he could have broken US law by announcing an investigation into emails potentially linked to Hillary Clinton.

A senior Democrat is accusing FBI director James Comey of illegally influencing the upcoming presidential election, as they begin reviewing emails from a Clinton aide.

In a scathing letter, minority Senate leader Harry Reid wrote: “Your actions in recent months have demonstrated a disturbing double standard for the treatment of sensitive information, with what appears to be a clear intent to aid one political party over another."


Danish police say they have found the bodies of a slain Syrian refugee and her two young daughters in a freezer.

They discovered the bodies of the 27-year-old and her two daughters, aged 7 and 9 in a freezer in an apartment in Aabenraa in southern Denmark. 

Authorities have since launched a manhunt for the girls' father. 


A UK lorry driver will serve ten years in jail for killing a mum and three children.

Tracy Houghton, her sons Josh and Ethan, and her stepdaughter Aimee Goldsmith died in the eight-car crash on the A34 in Berkshire in August.

Tomasz Kroker crashed into their car while scrolling through music on his mobile phone. Their car was shunted underneath the back of a heavy goods vehicle and crushed to a third of its size.