Evening top 5: FG members declare favourites; Times Square death; and roaming restrictions

The top stories this Thursday night

Battle lines drawn as Fine Gael members declare leadership favourites

The national executive of Fine Gael has been meeting to finalise plans for the upcoming leadership contest.

On day one of the campaign, Leo Varadkar has taken a significant lead over his rival Simon Coveney on declarations from the Parliamentary Party.

Earlier 12 TDs declared their support for Mr Varadkar to succeed Enda Kenny, who stepped down on Wednesday.

Driver arrested, one person dead after pedestrians struck in Times Square

An 18-year-old woman is dead and four people are in critical condition after a car struck pedestrians in New York's Times Square.

Three others are in serious condition and 15 more are injured following the incident, the city's fire department says.

The 13-year-old sister of the fatally injured woman is one of those hurt.

Dutch King lives secret life as KLM pilot

"This is your captain speaking..." is something you hear on almost every flight.

But for some flying Dutch airline KLM, this voice may have seemed familiar.

Their King Willem Alexander has revealed he has flown twice-monthly flights with the airline's Cityhopper fleet on short-haul routes for the past 21 years.

Chris McElligott tells his story of overcoming extraordinary challenges

YouTube is a treasure trove for wonder goals and if you type in the name Chris McElligott, you’ll find an absolute rocket of a strike from miles out.

The former St Patrick’s Athletic league winner was at Monaghan United at the time when he lashed in from all of 40 yards in an 1994 match against Shelbourne.

Have unlimited data? 'Roam like home' after June 15th doesn't apply

As of June 15th, roaming charges will be abolished meaning hefty phone bills at the end of a holiday will be no more.

What does this mean for you and will you really be able to use your phone like you do a home?

The aim for the upcoming changes is to allow customers to 'roam like home' and make hefty phone bills a thing of the past.