Evening top 5: EU rejects key parts of Britain's border proposals; Man jailed over Dublin rampage; Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain found dead

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"Backstop means backstop" - EU rejects key parts of Britain's Irish border proposals

The EU has rejected significant parts of the British Government’s proposed ‘backstop’ solution for avoiding a return to a hard border in Ireland.

At a press conference this afternoon, chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier welcomed the publication of the document – but warned it raises more questions than it answers.

The proposals would see a “temporary customs arrangement” put in place for the period after Britain leaves the bloc and before a new trade arrangement is put in place.

The arrangement would see the UK matching EU trade tariffs and observing relevant Customs Union rules until a new deal is in place.

Varadkar: When I come North I see myself as a neighbour, not invader

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said he sees himself as a neighbour, not as an invader on a trip to Northern Ireland.

Mr Varadkar is continuing his visit with a range of engagements in Belfast and Newry.

On Friday he visited the Museum of Orange Heritage in Belfast, tweeting: "I'd encourage anyone to visit @OrangeHeritage to learn more about the Protestant heritage. I'll be back for sure".

This is the first such visit by a serving Taoiseach.

Boris Johnson plays down Brexit border fears as 'millennium bug stuff' in leaked comments

Boris Johnson has suggested Donald Trump could do a better job than Theresa May of negotiating Brexit, and dismissed concerns over the border as 'pure millennium bug stuff'.

The British foreign secretary was recorded saying that 'Leave' supporters could be disappointed by the final deal reached with Brussels.

He also warned of a possible 'meltdown' in talks, saying Theresa May "is going to go into a phase where we are much more combative with Brussels.”

This afternoon, The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar rejected the comment and said Mr Johnson would benefit from a visit to the border before negotiations go any further.

Man jailed for nine years over 'drug-fuelled rampage' through Dublin

A man who hijacked a number of cars at gunpoint during an eight-hour rampage through Dublin last October has been jailed for nine years.

Joseph Rafferty of Russell Square in Tallaght was armed with a machine gun and told Gardaí he was off his head on drugs at the time.

Joseph Rafferty’s rampage began at Brookview Lawns in Tallaght at 6.20am on the morning of October 25th last year.

Fuelled by cocaine, he became paranoid his girlfriend was cheating on him and he took an Audi from outside her house – the first of six cars he stole.

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain dies aged 61

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has died aged 61, according to CNN.

The news was confirmed today by the network that hosts the chef's Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown show.

CNN reports that the chef took his own life.

He had been working on a new episode of his show in France, and was found unresponsive by a friend in a hotel room earlier today.