Evening top 5: Celebs react to 'travel ban'; birds on a plane; and why Kenny should respect Trump

The top stories on Newstalk.com this evening

British actor and talk show host James Corden criticised US President Donald Trump’s widely-condemned ‘muslim ban’ by changing the introduction to Monday night’s The Late Late Show to make a point about freedom of movement at US airports.

The comedy star’s week of shows had been pre-recorded as he was due to travel anyway, but Corden chose to incorporate an immediate response to the current ban on immigration from seven Muslim countries by showing how easily he could move through LAX Airport in California.

Watch the opening here.


At a time when the world seems like a strange place, take solace for a moment by looking at a lease of hawks enjoying life at 30,000ft.

As shared on Reddit by user Lensoo, the image shows a large group of birds on a Middle Eastern flight, each with their own seat, and everybody looking perfectly okay with it all.

“My captain friend sent me this photo,” the Reddit post reveals. “Saudi prince bought [tickets] for his 80 hawks.”

See the photo here.


Enda Kenny should proudly walk into the White House in March of this year and he should treat President Donald Trump with the courtesy and respect his office, and the US people, deserve, according to Newstalk's Chris Donoghue.

However, he should do more than just show up. the Taoiseach should voice concern over some of President Trump's most extreme policies. He should do so clearly, politely and publicly on behalf of the Irish people.

Mr Kenny will certainly do the first two but the test of his metal and leadership will be whether he says anything President Trump might consider out of place or challenging.  


Angela Kerins has lost her High Court action against the Public Accounts Committee.

The former CEO of the Rehab Group claimed its members acted beyond their powers during a PAC hearing she attended in 2014.

By asking about her €240,000 salary and bonus payments, she claimed the members acted outside their powers in what she described as a “witchhunt”.

The court heard previously that she was so overwhelmed by what happened that she later tried to take her own life.

In ruling against her, President of the High Court Mr Justice Peter Kelly said that the utterances complained of were clearly expressions of opinion devoid of any legal force.

He said she seeks to make the Oireachtas members amendable to the jurisdiction of the court – something that cannot be done.


Donald Trump has fired the acting US Attorney General as the fallout continues from his controversial executive order on immigration.

Sally Yates - who had been serving in the role pending the confirmation of Mr Trump's nominee, Alabama senator Jeff Sessions - had ordered Justice Department lawyers to not defend the executive order.

The order temporarily bans immigration to the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries, and indefinitely halts the country's Syrian refugee programme.

In a letter to lawyers quoted by the New York Times, Ms Yates argued: “At present, I am not convinced that the defense of the executive order is consistent with these responsibilities, nor am I convinced that the executive order is lawful."