Evening top 5: Abortion delays; Ulster Bank refunds; and McDonald meets Prince Charles

The top stories this Thursday night

Abortion legislation delayed due to court challenges

It is understood legislation to allow abortions here will not be introduced into the Dáil until the autumn.

The Government has received legal advice that it cannot proceed to make new laws until court challenges to the referendum result have been decided.

Health Minister Simon Harris says he is still confident the new laws will be in place for the start of next year.

Ulster Bank apologises for overcharging up to 18,000 customers

Ulster Bank has said up to 18,000 of its customers have been overcharged interest on their accounts.

The bank said it was "an interest overcharging error on our part."

It is writing to business loan and overdraft customers who were affected.

Mary Lou McDonald holds private meeting with Prince Charles in Cork

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald has held a private meeting with Britain's Prince Charles during his visit to Cork.

The meeting, which lasted over 30 minutes, was also attended by the party's deputy leader Michelle O'Neill.

Speaking following the meeting on Thursday, Ms McDonald said: "Today's meeting was an opportunity to extend the hand of friendship, not just to Prince Charles or to the British royal family - whose efforts to promote reconciliation I want to acknowledge - but to those on our island who identify as British, and who are British."

Breakthrough gene therapy restores hand function after spinal cord injury

Researchers have made a breakthrough that offers hope to people who have suffered spinal injuries.

Scientists at King's College London have shown that rats with spinal cord injuries can re-learn skilled hand movements after being treated with a gene therapy.

People with spinal cord injury often lose the ability to perform everyday actions that require coordinated hand movements - such as writing, holding a toothbrush or picking up a drink.

Report finds radio is Ireland's most trusted source for news

Radio is the number one choice for Irish people when it comes to sourcing news according to a new study.

The Reuters Institute Digital News Report has found that Facebook has fallen from 71% to 67% as a news source for people in Ireland.

However, the research shows that Instagram as a source of news has grown from 12% to 26%.