Evening top 5: Two dead in Californian school shooting; man dragged off overbooked United flight

These stories and more in Newstalk's round up of today's stories

A gunman has opened fire with a pistol in a Californian classroom, killing a female teacher and injuring two students before taking his own life.

The students were not thought to have been deliberately targeted by the attacker but were wounded due to being in close proximity to his victim.

The wounded pair were taken to hospital following the suspected "murder-suicide" at North Park elementary school in San Bernardino.


A man was dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville after he refused to give up his seat.

Video footage posted on social media shows the man being forcibly removed from his seat  and dragged down the aisle of the plane after the airline said he refused to give it up voluntarily. 



Gardaí have discovered human remains in a park in North Dublin.

The discovery was made as part of the investigation into the death of James Nolan.

The 46-year-old, originally from Finglas went missing seven years ago.

It's expected a post-mortem examination will be carried out tomorrow morning.


Despite not having executed any of its convicts since 2005, the state of Arkansas will soon start what had been described by the ACLU as “a ghastly assembly line of death.”

One week from today, Arkansas will carry out eight executions in just 10 days, despite massive protest on a state and national level against the decision.


February 2015 was a simpler time, when the world could unite in bemused observance of that dress that Scottish woman was wearing to a wedding.

The viral photograph, which saw some people see a gold-and-white garment and others (correctly) insisting it was blue and black, was so popular that at its height, more than 10,000 were tweeting it every minute.

Since the dress’s moment in the spotlight, several studies have outlined theories as to why the world momentarily become besotted with it, but newly published research may offer the most comprehensive explanation as to what was going on, with what time you wake up and go to bed a major influence on the debate.