Evening Top 5: Measles outbreak; Ryanair cancels flights; UCLA shooting

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The government's been handed its first defeat of the new Dáil term

It was heavily defeated by 58 votes to 78, in a countermotion during a debate on workers' rights.

TDs instead passed a Labour motion calling for the minimum wage to be increased, and an end to so-called 'if and when' contracts.

Fianna Fáil sided against the government.

Ryanair cancel 75 flights as a result industrial action by French air traffic controllers

The flights to and from France were scheduled to take place tomorrow June 2nd.

French ATCs are also planning three more days of strikes for this weekend from June 3rd to 5th.

Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight here on Ryanair’s website before heading to the airport.

HSE identifies 19 cases of measles, with 13 confirmed

The HSE is currently investigating an ongoing measles outbreak in different parts of Ireland.

All cases have occurred in individuals under the age of 30 - most of those are in the 15-19 year age group.

It is believed that the source of infection came from a European country where measles outbreaks are occurring.

Two men killed in campus shooting at UCLA

A murder-suicide took place at the University of California in Los Angeles earlier today.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said the shooting took place within a small office at an engineering building on campus.

Students reportedly used belts and other objects in an effort to barricade doors during the campus lockdown, which unfolded during finals week.

High earners in Ireland have had far bigger income increases than blue-collar workers

Pay increases since 2010 have disproportionately benefited higher-earning groups, a new study has found.

The Unite trade union report used CSO statistics to illustrate the widening gap in weekly income between different occupational sectors.

The study also found that Ireland has the second highest level of wage inequality in the EU 15 after Portugal, with living standards 15% below the average.