European leaders meet to honour Treaty of Rome

It's the 60th of anniversary of the creation of the EU

European leaders meet to honour Treaty of Rome

uropean Council President Donald Tusk speaks to EU leaders | Image : PA images

All roads lead to Rome, as European leaders are marking the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

The agreement led to the creation of the European Union.

Pope Francis has welcomed politicians to the vatican where he warned the organisation risks dying without a new vision to counter populism.

The 27 leaders have a declaration outlining the achievements and the challenges of European co-operation.

Public figures have been looking back at what the EU means to them, Former Senator Jillian Van Turnhout says it marked the start of equality in Irish workplaces.

Tusk's message

EU President Donald Tusk called for leadership to steer Europe out of crisis at the summit in Rome on Saturday. 

He said "Prove today that you are the leaders of Europe, that you can care for this great legacy we inherited from the heroes of European integration 60 years ago," former Polish prime minister Tusk said in a speech.

"Europe as a political entity will either be united, or will not be at all."

"Today in Rome we are renewing the unique alliance of free nations that was initiated 60 years ago by our great predecessors."

He finished by saying "At that time they did not discuss multiple speeds, they did not devise exits, but despite all the tragic circumstances of the recent history, they placed all their faith in the unity of Europe.

"The union after Rome should be, more than before, a union of the same principles, a union of external sovereignty, a union of political unity."

The European Commission put together a video celebrating the 60th anniversary with people sharing their stories and experiences of being in the EU.