Eric Trump: 'So many of our best allies - including Ireland - have been disrespected'

Mr Trump told Newstalk's Shona Murray that they turned their Doonbeg resort into "one of the great properties of the world"

Eric Trump: 'So many of our best allies - including Ireland - have been disrespected'

Eric Trump and Shona Murray

Donald Trump's son Eric has said that Ireland is one of the USA's 'best allies' - but claimed it has been disrespected 'so many times'.

Eric Trump spoke to Newstalk's Shona Murray in the swing state of Pennsylvania as his father and allies take part in their final day on the campaign trail.

"We want to make America great again - it's a very simple message," Eric explained. "We want to stop corruption. We want to increase employment [...] We want to negotiate great trade deals.

"We want to have, quite frankly, better allies. So many of our best allies - including Ireland - so many times have been disrespected. So many of our worst allies have been respected. It should be quite frankly the exact inverse."

He also discussed the Trump International golf links resort in Doonbeg in Co Clare, and how it could relate to the presidency.

"You saw we took a property that was neglected, and abused, and run down," Mr Trump told Shona. "We turned it into one of the great properties of the world. And we're going to do the same thing with the United States of America."

Countless political figures and commentators have questioned Donald Trump's suitability for the presidency. However, his son believes he will make a great leader.

"There's not a racist bone in his body, but my father isn't a politician," Eric argued. "He's not politically correct and he'll never probably be politically correct, and I think that's one of the redeeming qualities of my father.

"He speaks his mind - he's deadly honest. Quite frankly we need more honesty - we need somebody who's going to be a fighter in this country and we haven't had a fighter in a very, very long time. My father's going to make a great Commander-in-Chief and we're going to win tomorrow."