Electric Picnic Spotlight: back to the '90s with The Chemical Brothers

"Born In The Echoes" harkens back to the English dance duo's glory days

Two decades since their debut album Exit Planet Dust, and English dance-duo The Chemical Brothers celebrated the anniversary with the release of their eighth studio album Born In The Echoes.

While they didn't make it properly into the mainstream until 'Block Rockin' Beats', the third single from their 1997 sophomore album Dig Your Own Hole, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons have heavily influenced the electronic genre for a solid twenty years, even when it felt like they were allowing things to simmer on the backburner.

It was over five years between Born In The Echoes and its immediate predecessor Further, and there were fears that the duo had gone the way of The Prodigy and simply outlived their own relevancy. But then came "Go".

Reuniting the Brothers with Q-Tip - the featured rapper from their massive 2004 hit 'Galvanize' - it was just one of many fantastic collaborations on their album: St. Vincent co-wrote and provides the vocals on 'Under Neon Lights', Ali Love (the vocalist on previous Chemical Brothers hit 'Do It Again') shows up again on 'EML Ritual', and none other than Beck provides his unique stylings to the album close 'Wide Open'.

Off the back of Grammy nominations for their work on this album, as well as some of the best critical receptions they've had in almost a decade, Born In The Echoes seemed primed for festival play.

The Chemical Brothers was one of the headliners at 2015's Longitude festival, and the Irish crowd obviously ate them up with such ferocity that a return was always on the cars.

Gigs with this duo is more than just listening to music though, as The Chemical Brothers continue their ongoing relationship with director and visual artist Adam Smith, who creates a uniquely hallucinogenic experience alongside the Brothers' vivid set.

See for yourself when they take to the Main Stage at 10.30pm on Friday September 2nd.