Electric Picnic Spotlight: 15 Questions with...Walking On Cars

Two-fifths of the Irish alt-rock band took part in our rapid-fire questions-and-answers round

Over the course of Electric Picnic 2016, we'll be chatting to some of the performers and getting them to answer our 15 Questions as quickly as they possibly can.

Before they got up on stage to impress the crowds here at a temperamental (weather-wise, anyway) Electric Picnic, we chatted to two of the lads in Walking On Cars.

Following an impressive year - their debut album Everything This Way topped the Irish charts when it was released in January - it was obvious that they were experiencing a highlight to their 2016 as they took part in our mini-quiz.

So if you've ever wondered what Paul Flannery and Dan Devane's opinions on Ryanair are, or which song is guaranteed to have them blubbing with emotion, then check out the video below.