Electric Picnic Spotlight: 15 Questions with...ABC's Martin Fry

'The Look Of Love' singer answers our questions in a quick-fire round!

Over the course of Electric Picnic 2016, we'll be chatting to some of the performers and getting them to answer our 15 Questions as quickly as they possibly can.

Everyone knows ABC's 1982 hit 'The Look Of Love,' and Martin Fry is one of the men behind that song, unarguably one of the most romantic tunes ever conceived.

After a long break, ABC have released their 9th album earlier this year to some very positive reviews.

Fry was kind enough to answer our quickfire round, and we covered everything from his favourite Bond song, to who he thinks the sexiest pop star working today is. Spoiler: his answer to that last one is slightly... controversial.

Check out our chat below: