Eat Hapi, live happy? That's what this meal delivery company is promising

But does the Hapi Food Co. follow through?

Despite how frequently I eat popcorn for dinner, I enjoy eating healthily.

But, as I've previously mentioned, I am time poor. I'd go as far as saying as I am in time poverty. I want to eat three nice meals a day that in the long-term won't assault my internal organs. But I'm just too busy having the craic.

Which is why I was delighted to be greeted by a package from Hapi Food Co. when I came home from Body & Soul Festival earlier this week.

Taken from @fionnualajay Instagram stories

What they say

On their website, founders Colm and Conor explain: "Hapi Food Co. began as a childhood friendship. After graduating from college in 2015, we were unsure if we were ready for the big bad world. We spent the summer mulling over our next move. Would we continue in education? Emigrate? Or throw ourselves in to the job market?

"It was in the depths of these decisions and many late night discussions about what the future held, that we saw an opportunity. An opportunity to build something we believed in. At this same time in our lives, we were all on some sort of fitness journey but there were a few things we all agreed on:

  • Nutrition is key. Not only for weight loss or muscle gain, but for well-being too
  • Taste is important. We realised you’d never be able to adapt to different eating if you don’t look forward to every meal
  • Time is of the essence. It’s hard to fit healthy eating and exercise in to a busy life

"So through a combination of our culinary, business, engineering and computer skills we began working on a concept. We saw a service that provides healthy and delicious meals, helping you on the path to being the best you. We saw Hapi Food Co."

How it works

You select your number of days and what package you want. You then pick what meals you want for each day before 11pm on Thursday.

The packages are broken down as follows:

  • 1 main meal a day (€45) based on number of days, with an option to add snacks, drinks, soups and treats
  • 2 main meals a day (€85) based on number of days, with an option to add snacks, drinks, soups and treats
  • Breakfast and 2 main meals (€105) based on number of days, with an option to add snacks, drinks, soups and treats

The food is prepared by chefs at their Dunboyne base, before being delivered three times a week to your home or workplace. Currently, Hapi Food Co. delivers to South Meath, North Kildare and Dublin.

Then you heat up your meals and you're good to go!

What I got 

As said above, I arrived home to the delivery of my meals for Monday and Tuesday, as well as a portion of hot mixed nuts for a snack, a soup and granola for breakfast.

I received a text the night before saying when I could expect my delivery, which my housemate took for me as I obviously wasn't home.

I was initially confused as to why I only got two sets of meals (because I hadn't read how it works properly because I am an idiot), but it really makes sense because it guarantees optimum freshness for your food.

All of the meals came with cooking instructions and use-by dates in plan cardboard boxes with cellophane windows and their signature blue labelling.

Hapi Food Co. trail mix. Image: @fionnuala/Instagram

I liked the packaging - HOWEVER, if you are klutzy like me, I'd avoid swinging your bag containing the meals around the place or quinoa will explode all over your gym clothes.

The nutritional information of each meal is found on their website, and can also be found on MyFitnessPal.

Because I picked my meals myself, there were no surprises in what I got:

  • Coconut granola with Greek yoghurt
  • Protein pancakes with Greek yoghurt and berries
  • Burrito salad
  • Chicken satay stir fry
  • Spicy turkey burgers
  • Cauliflower cashew curry
  • Vegan thai quinoa bowl
  • Lemon and herb crusted salmon
  • Hapi spice box 
  • Hearty chicken soup

What I thought

The biggest thing for me was the emphasis on the food, the freshness and the ingredients as opposed to the fitness aspect. It was nice to be able to see everything included in the meals without drowning in a load of numbers and text.

It was also nice to be greeted by a personal delivery person as opposed to a courier - though I can't even begin to imagine the cost and effort involved in doing so.

Bottom line, the food is good. Like, really really good. Everything tastes really fresh and is full of flavour, particularly the breakfasts. You don't feel like you're limiting yourself in terms of taste, but you know what you're eating is good quality and won't derail your own fitness journey.

Lemon and herb crusted salmon. Image: @fionnualajay/Instagram

Chicken satay stir-fy. Image: @fionnualajay/Instagram

While 'restaurant quality' might be a stretch, if I bought any of these in a shop for lunch I would extremely pleased.

Would I purchase?

My main gripe with the majority of these services is, and always will be, the price. These services are not aimed at people under my pay bracket. 

However, I think on a week where I knew I would be flat-to-the-mat with work or other various extra curricular activities, I think I would repurchase the lower-tier option of one meal a day for five days. At least I would know I was coming home to something delicious and nutritionally sound. 

This is more expensive than other services I've tried, but in the event that I was paying for the service, I definitely wouldn't mind forking out the extra cash for the added quality and personal touches.

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