Eamon Ryan on Ibrahim Halawa: 'I would stand by him'

The Green Party leader joined George on High Noon after visiting Halawa last week in Cairo as part of an 8-strong political delegation.

Ibrahim Halawa was due in court in Cairo for an 18th time today.

Last week he was given a boost after an Irish delegation meet with him in prison including Eamon Ryan.

Ryan joined George on High Noon today to explain what is going on, why the delegation went over, and why he stands by him.

Ibrahim Halawa has spent almost 3 and a half years in jail after being arrested during a protest in Cairo.

Ibrahim comes from a Muslim Brotherhood family, and George naturally asked about that, while also wondering why Halawa was at the protest in Cairo that has ultimately seen him in this situation.

'I believe him, and I would stand by him' was Ryan's response when asked whether he believes Halawa is innocent of charges, and whether he deserves to come home.

Listen to the full interview below.