EXCLUSIVE: Woman behind 'Two Women Travel' Twitter account speaks out

The account gained international reaction back in August

EXCLUSIVE: Woman behind 'Two Women Travel' Twitter account speaks out

Image via @TwoWomenTravel on Twitter

A woman behind a Twitter account which documented an Irish woman's journey to the UK to receive an abortion has spoken in her first radio interview.

The account garnered huge international reaction with thousands of followers.

Back in August, the @TwoWomenTravel account began at an airport "in solidarity with all women exiled".

It detailed a step-by-step process involved, including in the waiting room, back at the hotel and the trip back to Ireland.

Several tweets were also aimed directly at Taoiseach Enda Kenny, calling for action.

The woman who tweeted and travelled with her friend has spoken to Alive and Kicking here on Newstalk.

"The waiting room was small - there was one couple who (were) definitely Irish, one girl (who was) definitely Irish.

"Then we went to Liverpool which was a much bigger waiting room and there was another Irish couple.

"We got talking to these two young Irish woman who were in the exact some circumstances we were: one friend and one having the procedure."

Asked if the fact that she had to travel made it all the more difficult, her friend said: "Absolutely. It made it much more difficult for her to come to the decision.

"It is such an enormous thing to take upon yourself - and unfortunately that's what it is: taking it upon yourself.

"You have to maintain a sense of normalcy and you're in mourning - no matter what happens, no matter the circumstance - you're in mourning".

Asked how she felt as a friend accompanying someone through it, she replied: "It was really stressful, it was really tiring, we were up at 4 in the morning. I hadn't slept, I don't think she had slept either.

"Abortion is never taken lightly because pregnancy happening to a woman is not something that is cavalier, it's not something that is to be dismissed.

"Women's reproductive rights are the most important thing in their lives."

To maintain anonymity, her voice has been altered