'Dylan is like Brian O'Driscoll. He's managed to adjust his game through the fluctuations of a long career' - Declan Kiberd

Declan Kiberd, professor of Irish Studies and English in Notre Dame, joined George on site.

Professor Declan Kiberd visits Notre Dame for a semester every year.

George initially got his thoughts on the changing landscape of worldwide politics.  As a cultural critic, Kiberd said, 'The narrative, especially in America, is all about fear. The mood here is very, very fretful.'

George, however, quickly turned the attention to Bob Dylan, and his winning of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

'The first interview he gave this week with the Daily Telegraph was his first in 2 whole years, which is a lifetime is rock music.  And it was in that interview that he thanked the panel for the award.'

'You fear for him too, considering what became of his contemporaries.  He's very wary of the media'

George wondered if Kiberd supported Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature.

You can listen to the full interview below.