Dumb-phones: The low-tech trend that’s causing a stir

Some people are moving away from the high-powered, feature heavy devices

Dumb-phones: The low-tech trend that’s causing a stir

The Doro Phone Easy 612

British actor Eddie Redmayne recently stated that he has given up his smartphone as he was fed up being glued to the device during every waking moment. Redmayne revealed that he has returned to a “dumb phone” and it would seem that he is not alone.

For those wondering, a dumb phone is a phone with no internet connectivity. For many years, until the mid-2000s, dumb phones were all we had. Almost every home in Ireland had a Nokia 3310, a phone which is still deemed to be one of the best phones of all time.

These phones do little apart from calls and texts, but it would appear that this is all some people need and want.

It can be somewhat difficult to come across these phones though, with many manufacturers focusing in on the fancy, high-end phones. Here’s a rundown on some of the top “dumb-phones” and where you can get them!

Samsung Keystone II

€19.99, available from Carphone Warehouse.

This is what many of us would call a "festival phone". Cheap, great for making calls and excellent battery life. At just under €20 is very easily replaced. All of these traits make it an ideal "dumb phone". 

Doro Phone Easy 612 

 €89.99, available from CarphoneWarehouse.ie

Doro are a brand that specialise in phones for older people. The keys are very spaced out, which makes texting very easy. It's possible to have three numbers on speed dial. This phone has a decent camera and a nice big screen.

ZTE F320

€29.99, available from Vodafone.ie

This is the smartest of the dumb phones. This device has a 2.0MP camera and an FM radio. The keys are quite small though, so texting can be a bit tricky.