Dublin Metro service proposed for 2021

Promoters are meeting with Dublin City Councillors this evening...

Plans for Dublin Metro's proposed extensive, citywide transit service will be put before Dublin City councillors at a meeting this evening.

Promoters, led by civil engineer Cormac Rabbitt, are looking for Dublin City Council support for the metro system with an eye to it being operational as early as 2021.

If a public-private partnership between Metro Dublin and local authorities can be arranged, the Dublin Metro group claims construction could be underway next year.

The 92 kilometre-system would boast 57 stations, incorporating 45km of tunnels and 17km of fresh surface lines, as well as upgrades of 28km of existing lines.

According to the Sunday Business Post, an advance presentation states:

"An extensive and affordable metro can be in operation in 2021 (as against a single metro line in 2027), which can be seen to have a profoundly positive impact on the proper planning and sustainable development of Dublin and a positive impact on the country".

The group says it is currently in pre-application consultations with An Bord Pleanála.

Its plan certainly far outstrips what is officially underway when it comes to scope and ambition.

The government is planning Metro North, a high-speed rail link from the city centre to Dublin Airport and Swords.

It is not, however, scheduled to open until 2027. The proposed Dart Underground, which would link Inchicore and Heuston Station with Spencer Dock, is off the table.